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June 24

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“I want a divorce…”

Mark looked at Sarah over the kitchen table with a look of hopelessness in his eyes. Sarah looked back at him, and, through her tears, she begged for more time to make things right.

Mark and Sarah were going on 15 years of marriage. They had two kids, a house, and careers.

The stress of kids and work had taken a toll on their relationship, and they hadn't felt connected in quite some time.

They spent less time together, and when they did, it usually ended in an argument. They seemed to want different paths in life. And sex was a rare phenomenon.

They had been slowly drifting apart.

Before they knew it, everything became a battle. There was nothing but tension in their relationship now.

They had talked about going to counseling, but with two kids in sports and careers that demanded a majority of their time… they just hadn't taken the time to find a good counselor.

Until that fateful night when Mark suggested divorce.

After that night, they made a commitment to go to counseling to see if they could work through their problems...to see if there was any hope left.

But each session turned into another argument. Sarah came to feel like the counselor was taking Mark's side. And Mark just became angry at how much time and money they were spending on the sessions.

After a few weeks, they both decided that counseling wasn’t working. It seemed divorce was inevitable unless they wanted to live like this forever.

That’s when my path crossed with theirs through a mutual friend.

After my first conversation with them, I knew there was still hope...plenty of hope. But how could I help them to see it?

Mark and Sarah were on the crazy cycle that I've seen many couples in, fighting about the same things over and over, tearing each other down, building resentment, and losing connection.

It was clear why counseling wasn't working. They were just going there to rehearse their latest argument in front of someone else. They weren't actually changing their thinking or their behavior.

That’s when I introduced them to my approach and challenged them to a 14-day program that could re-ignite the connection they were missing.

They worked every day for two weeks on a different concept. Each day they watched a short video (5-10 mins) where I taught them the topic for the day. And then they answered a few reflection questions on their own and completed one action item for the day.

We focused on mindset shifts, resentment, vulnerability, acceptance, communication, habits, and sexual desire.

And after two weeks Mark and Sarah were beginning to have deep conversations (without fighting!) and began to feel a connection that they had been craving for a long time.

Most importantly, they were prioritizing their marriage, spending more time together.

I'm happy to report that Mark and Sarah are still married today, and their marriage is stronger than ever.

If you are drifting apart, finding yourselves arguing more and more, or maybe even mentioning divorce, then I want to show you the same 14-day challenge that I introduced to Mark and Sarah.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about me…

I'm Kelly Case
By the age of 19 I was, unfortunately, an expert when it comes to divorce because I had been through divorce twice as a child and had already been divorced myself.

I was determined to figure out the mystery of marriage and learn how to keep others from experiencing the pain I had lived through.

I earned my bachelors in psychology and my masters in counseling. And I spent years of my life serving others through counseling in private practice.

As a counselor I became increasingly frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the process. Couples came to counseling only to spend 30 minutes re-enacting their latest fight so they could do it in front of me and then ask me who was right. I'm not a judge. I'm a counselor.

What's more...I understood how the adult brain learns and changes, and 50-minute sessions once per week wasn't sufficient to produce proper changes in habits, behaviors, and thinking...not to the extent needed to save a marriage.

Did I save marriages? Yes, many. But, it took much more time than it should have, resulting in the couples spending a lot more money than they needed to. And the process was frustrating for all of us.

I knew I had to create an entirely different system. And I developed my program with adult learning theory in mind so that couples can see meaningful and lasting change much quicker.

And I practice what I preach.

When I got remarried, I made a commitment to myself that I would break the cycle that I had experienced as a child.

My husband and I have been married for 20+ years now. And our marriage continues to get stronger as we practice the same behaviors, actions, and habits that I teach in my program. In fact, we have truly found the keys to a first-class marriage.

I define a first-class marriage as one that is in the top 10% of all marriages in history and lasts a lifetime, maintaining connection and true intimacy until death do you part.

This is what I have now, and if I can have it, anyone can!

You’re probably here for one of two reasons…

You live a busy life, and you're not sure you really need counseling. It’s too expensive and time consuming and seems like it's for marriage worse than yours. Maybe your spouse isn't willing to do counseling.

But you know your marriage could use some help, and you'd like an alternative to counseling that can give you a boost.
Maybe you’re considering divorce. Or your marriage has reached a point where all you do is argue and fight. And you’ve lost all of the joy and happiness that you once had.

You need a solution. But once a week sessions with a counselor either aren’t an option or aren’t going to solve your problems.

Maybe you’ve already tried traditional counseling and found it lacking.

No matter why you are here, my 14-day challenge has what you need to ignite connection in your relationship and build momentum toward a better future together.

How does it work? Each day you’ll get an email with a video, a few reflection questions, and 1 action item. You can do this challenge alone or with your spouse...doesn't matter.

I'm ready!

And all you have to commit to is 20-30 minutes per day.

Each day is like a mini-counseling session without the hassle.

14 counseling sessions would cost you $2,000-6,000, depending on where you live.

I could easily charge $1000 for the value of this challenge. But I want to make this accessible to everyone who needs it.

So I’m not going to charge $500

Or $250

Or even $100

You can get access to the full challenge today for only $49!

To be completely honest with you, I’d love to give this away for free.

But research has shown that when you get something for free, you don’t value the opportunity. And most people fail to take full advantage.

If you complete this challenge, it may just be the best $49 you've ever spent.

I'm ready!

Here’s what we will cover:


Introduction & Commitment


The First-Class Spouse Mindset


The Marriage


Mindset & Perspective






Vulnerability in Marriage


Obstacles to Vulnerability


The Emotional

DAY 10

Relationship Phases & Acceptance

DAY 11


DAY 12

Sexual Desire

DAY 13

& Parenting

DAY 14

Staying Connected

If you do nothing, your marriage gets worse, not better...

How much longer can you wait before you do something to improve your marriage?

Marriages don't improve all by themselves. It takes work. You have to do something...something different than you've been doing.

We only get one life to live. The person we spend our life with can make life beautiful or miserable.

Spending each day arguing or fighting or harboring resentment towards your spouse is no way to go through life. It’ll only leave you bitter and lonely.

For less than the cost of a dinner out, a round of golf, or a pedicure… you can get access to 14 days of content that can dramatically improve the health and happiness of your marriage.

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

It’s time to do something different. Let's get started!

I'm ready!