Hi, I'm Kelly!
As a marriage counselor, and a human living in this world, I have seen my share of hurting marriages. After experiencing divorce twice as a child and then being married and divorced myself by the age of 19, I was desperate to understand how to have a truly fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with the opposite sex.

I got my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Counseling and dedicated my life to helping people pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. I soon realized that keeping marriages (and families) together was the number one way to help people—just the way God intended it to be. But, the format of traditional marriage counseling left much to be desired. So, I created a program that would be much more effective in leading couples to create the marriage they really want and thereby keep their family together.
The First-Class Marriage Story
Kelly Case was well-acquainted with the pain of divorce. She experienced it 3 times before the age of 20 - both as a child and as a wife. Her passion in life became helping others heal from the pain of their shattered lives but also preventing their lives from being shattered in the first place. She quickly realized that keeping marriages and families together was a great way to do this.

However, after becoming a marriage and family counselor and devoting herself to learning everything there was to know about relationships, she became disenchanted with the format of traditional marriage counseling. The sessions were too short. They were often unproductive—couples coming in just to fight in front of her and ask her to be the judge of who is right and who is wrong. There wasn't enough structure. The time between sessions was wasteful. And it was expensive and inconvenient for couples.

She discovered that people understood what she taught them and wanted to do the right thing but that actually making those changes and developing new ways of relating didn’t happen easily. So, she began to study the discipline of "adult learning" — how adults change & create new behaviors, habits, & ways of thinking. She found that teaching the information to couples wasn't enough. She had to incorporate hands-on activities that would create actual change to impact their relationship in tangible ways.

That's when she decided to leave private practice and to create something new, unique, and accessible to more couples. The program she developed is the culmination of her years of experience. It can help couples achieve the relationship they desire. Rather than being resigned to living as roommates or maybe even getting divorced, with the information she teaches, you can create the life you really want on a budget and in the comfort of your own home.

We don’t just want you to stay married. We don’t want you to have an average relationship. We want you to have a first-class marriage, a marriage that can last a lifetime— one that is in the top 10% of marriages of all time, to have the kind of love that lasts the test of time and stands strong through any trial.
Our Mission
To save marriages from disenchantment or divorce and turn them into first-class marriages, thereby strengthening families as well as the whole of American society.
The First-Class Marriage Team
Kelly Case | Founder & Coach

Kelly is the Creator of the First-Class Marriage program. As a licensed counselor, working in private practice, she became frustrated with the limitations of traditional marriage counseling & knew there had to be a better way. With a Bachelor's in Psychology & Master's in Counseling, she dedicated her life to helping people pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Through her experience in private practice, she realized the most important work was to prevent lives from being shattered in the first place. And the best way to do that was through marriage & family therapy. Traditional counseling was helpful but not the best model for healing marriages so she took her expertise & created a first-class program that helps couples create the change they desire. She also works as a coach in the program. She loves Jesus, family, and summer. She has been happily married since 2001 and has 2 grown children, 1 teenager, & 3 grandchildren.

Pascal Ehrsam | Customer Success

With 20+ years of experience managing customers, Pascal cares about one and only one thing: To surprise and delight his clients. When Kelly approached him and shared her vision and method for building exceptional marriages, he got on board immediately. Not only did it strike a chord in his personal life – having experienced first-hand the difficulties and high costs of working with a couples therapist in New York – but he was also seduced by the modern way in which Kelly was approaching the mission. The use of today’s technology and tools in particular felt right to him and more in line with the modern world. With expertise in digital learning & online communications, Pascal is constantly improving the product, the user experience, and the customer outcomes. He has your best interest at heart. Pascal lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, his two teenage children, and his cat Gaspard.

Penny Stoffel | Operations

Since 2019, Penny has worked as Kelly's right-hand gal. She makes sure everything is working well behind the scenes so that couples never have to worry about technology issues getting in the way of healing their marriage. Penny values marriage and family and makes it her mission to ensure that First-Class Marriage runs smoothly. She's happy to help with any customer concern and prioritizes improvement of the customer experience. Penny has been married more than 30 years, has 4 grown children, and 3 dogs.

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